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一、单选题(共 20 道试题,共 40 分。)V 1.  Mark was a student at this university from 1999 to 2003, ___he studied very hard and was made chairman of the Students' Union.
A. during which time
B. for which time
C. during whose time
D. by that time
      满分:2  分
2.  The schools themselves admit that not all children will be successful in the jobs ___ they are being trained.
A. in that
B. for that
C. in which
D. for which
      满分:2  分
3.  John was given the same suitcase his father and grandfather ___ with them to school.
A. took
B. had taken
C. were taking
D. would take
      满分:2  分
4.  Mary never does any reading in the evening, ___.
A. so does John
B. John does too
C. John doesn't too
D. nor does John
      满分:2  分
5.  At the foot of the mountain ___ .
A. a village lie
B. lies a village
C. does a village lie
D. lying a village
      满分:2  分
6.  The tsunami (海啸)____over 160, 000 people were killed was a terrible disaster for human beings.
A. of that
B. among which
C. during that
D. in which
      满分:2  分
7.  He abandoned a career that ____ to his becoming one of the most influential people in the world.
A. could have led
B. would lead
C. should have led
D. must lead
      满分:2  分
8.  I'd appreciate ___ if you would like to teach me how to use the computer.
A. that
B. it
C. this
D. you
      满分:2  分
9.  We've been looking at houses but haven't found ___we like yet.
A. one
B. ones
C. it
D. them
      满分:2  分
10.  Many people who had seen the film were afraid to go to the forest when they remembered the scenes ___people were eaten by the tiger.
A. in which
B. by which
C. which
D. that
      满分:2  分
11.  The dish____terrible! I don't like it at all.
A. tastes
B. tasted
C. will taste
D. is tasted
      满分:2  分
12.  The results of the survey are interesting and they____more questions than they can answer.
A. bring about
B. prohibit
C. project
D. benefit from
      满分:2  分
13.  John plays basketball well, ___his favorite sport is badminton.
A. so
B. or
C. yet
D. for
      满分:2  分
14.  Why not___Professor Li for help? He is kind-hearted and willing to help.
A. ask
B. you ask
C. to ask
D. your asking
      满分:2  分
15.  –What do you think of teaching, Bob? –I find it fun and challenging. It is a job ___ you are doing something serious but interesting.
A. where
B. Which
C. When
D. that
      满分:2  分
16.  He spent____collecting materials for his article.
A. a half year
B. half year
C. half a year
D. half of a year
      满分:2  分
17.  Both sides have accused of breaking the contract ___.
A. another
B. the other
C. neither
D. each
      满分:2  分
18.  I was given three books on cooking, the first ___I really enjoyed.
A. of that
B. of which
C. that
D. which
      满分:2  分
19.  If I can help___, I don't like working late into the night.
A. so
B. that
C. it
D. them
      满分:2  分
20.  They have a good knowledge of English but little ___ they know about German.
A. have
B. did
C. had
D. do
      满分:2  分

二、阅读理解(共 3 道试题,共 60 分。)V 1.        One of the things I always believe is that no matter how bad something is, you can take something positive out of it. The one thing I wasn’t sure of that was on September 11.
      I usually wake up at 6:30 or 7:00 in the morning. That day, I happened to wake up earlier. I turned on the TV and I saw that a plane had crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. My first reaction was that it was a terrible accident. Then I saw another plane fly into the South Tower and I realized that I was witnessing(目击) an act of terrorism.
      My wife and I spent the day watching the terrible pictures over and over again. When I watched family members looking for their loved ones, the pain in their eyes was something I would never forget. I couldn’t understand how something this terrible could have happened.
It wasn’t until a few weeks after September 11 that I began to see that perhaps some good did come from this tragedy(悲剧). People seem different now, more understanding, more tolerant(宽容的). Things that seemed to be such a trouble before are no longer big things. Personally, I am more tolerant than I was. I realize life is too short, and too precious(珍贵的)to let myself get worried over small things. I’ve learned also that you can’t take things for granted. Things change in the blink(眨眼) of an eye. People go to work and don’t come back. One moment they’re living and the next minute they’re not. And no matter who you are, there is nothing you can do about it. We never know when our time here will be over, so we call need to make the most of every minute we have. You try to learn from what happened. You can’t be used up by it. You can’t live by it. All you can do is just live.

1). The underlined word “positive” in the first paragraph probably means .
A. terrible
B. bad
C. good
D. real
      满分:4  分
2). What did the writer see after he turned on the TV that morning?
A. A fire starting.
B. A plane flying.
C. A terrible accident.
D. An act of terrorism.
      满分:4  分
3). What was the writer doing all that day?
A. Watching TV.
B. Saving injured people.
C. Looking for his loved ones.
D. Searching for the terrorists.
      满分:4  分
4). Which is the right time order?a. a plane crash into the North Tower of the World Trade Center
A. c-a-b-d-e
B. b-a-d-e-c
C. d-b-e-a-c
D. d-b-a-e-c
      满分:4  分
5). From September 11, the writer has realized that .
A. people should value every minute they have
B. he has become less tolerant towards others
C. he should get worried about little things
D. life is too short to care about others
      满分:4  分
2.        Laptop computers are popular all over the world. People use them on trains and airplanes, in airports and hotels. These laptops connect people to their workplace. In the United States today, laptops also connect students to their classrooms.
      Westlake College in Virginia will start a laptop computer program that allows students to do schoolwork anywhere they want. Within five years, each of the 1500 students at the college will receive a laptop. The laptops are part of a $10 million computer program at Westlake, a 110-year-old college. The students with laptops will also have access to the Internet. In addition, they will be able to use e-mail to “speak” with their teachers, their classmates, and their families. However, the most important part of the laptop program is that students will be able to use computers without going to computer labs. They can work with it at home, in a fast-food restaurant or under the trees-anywhere at all!
      Because of the many changes in computer technology laptop use in higher education, such as colleges and universities, is workable. As laptops become more powerful, they become more similar to desktop computers. In addition, the portable computers can connect students to not only the Internet, but also libraries and other resources. State higher-education officials are studying how laptops can help students. State officials are also testing laptop programs at other universities, too.
      At Westlake College, more than 60 percent of the staff use computers. The laptops will allow all teachers to use computers in their lessons. As one Westlake teacher said,“Here we are in the middle of Virginia and we’re giving students a window on the world. They can see everything and do everything.”

1). The main purpose of the laptop program is to give each student a laptop to ________.
A. use for their schoolwork
B. access the Internet
C. work at home
D. connect them to libraries
      满分:4  分
2). Why is the word “speak” in the second paragraph in quotation mark(引号)?
A. They don’t really talk
B. They use the computer language.
C. Laptops have speakers.
D. None of the above reasons is correct.
      满分:4  分
3). Which of the following is true about Westlake College?
A. All teachers use computers.
B. 1500 students have laptops.
C. It is an old college in America.
D. Students there can do everything.
      满分:4  分
4). A window on the world in the last paragraph means that students can ________.
A. attend lectures on information technology
B. travel around the world
C. get information from around the world
D. have free laptops
      满分:4  分
5). What can we infer from the passage?
A. The program is successful.
B. The program is not workable.
C. The program is too expensive.
D. We don’t know the result yet.
      满分:4  分
3.        Everyday we go to school and listen to the teacher, and the teacher will ask us some questions. Sometimes, the classmates will ask your opinions of the work of the class. When you are telling others in the class what you have found out about these topics, remember that they must be able to hear what you are saying. You are not taking part in a family conversation or having a chat(闲谈) with friends—you are in a slightly unnatural situation where a large group of people will remain silent, waiting to hear what you have to say. You must speak so that they can hear you—loudly enough and clearly enough but without trying to shout or appearing to force yourself.
      Remember, too, that it is the same if you are called to an interview whether it is with a professor of your school or a government official who might meet you. The person you are seeing will try to put you at your ease(轻松) but the situation is somewhat(一点儿) different from that of an ordinary conversation. You must take special care that you can be heard.
1). When you speak to the class, you should speak ————
A. as loudly as possible
B. in a low voice
C. loudly
D. forcefully
      满分:4  分
2). Usually, when you speak to the class, the class is ————
A. noisy
B.  quiet
C. having a rest
D. serious
      满分:4  分
3). The situation in the class is ———— that in your house.
A. not very different from
B. sometimes the same as
C. sometimes not the same as
D. not the same as
      满分:4  分
4). If you are having a conversation with an official, the most important thing for you is ————
A. to show your ability
B. to be very gentle
C. to make sure that you can be heard
D. to put the official at ease
      满分:4  分
5). The main idea of this passage is ————
A. that we must use different ways at different situations
B. that we must speak loudly
C. that we must keep silent at any time
D. that we must talk with the class
      满分:4  分

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