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一、单选题(共 10 道试题,共 30 分。)V 1.  —Hello, my name is Angus. — _______________________
A. Nice to meet you.
B. How are you?
C. I’m glad to hear that.
D. Hello, Jim. How are things with you?
      满分:3  分
2.  — That radio’s pretty loud. Could you turn it down, please? —_________________________
A. Sorry. Was I disturbing you?
B. Yes, I’d love to.
C. I don’t think so.
D. I’m glad to.
      满分:3  分
3.  —Could you give me a hand with the box? — _______________________.
A. Yes, please
B. Sure, here you are
C. Sure, it’s my pleasure
D. No, of course not
      满分:3  分
4.  —What’s the fare to the museum? — _______________________.
A. Two hours
B. Two o’clock
C. Two seats
D. Two dollars
      满分:3  分
5.  The cinema is about two miles from the downtown area and there are many shopping centers _____________.
A. in between
B. far apart
C. among them
D. from each other
      满分:3  分
6.  —What do you think of his suggestion? — _______________________.
A. No, I don’t think so
B. It’s hard to say, really
C. Sorry, I’ve forgot
D. I never think of him
      满分:3  分
7.  An American inspection team had looked __________ sites in January.
A. after
B. over
C. on
D. into
      满分:3  分
8.  How much is the train _________ from Shanghai to Beijing?
A. fee
B. tip
C. fare
D. cost
      满分:3  分
9.  Generally speaking, a successful salesman has to talk to several ____________ regularly, in order to sell the products.
A. lawyers
B. supporters
C. guests
D. clients
      满分:3  分
10.  He drove so fast, as the car came round the corner, it ran ____________ an old woman coming from the opposite side.
A. into
B. on
C. over
D. up
      满分:3  分

二、阅读理解(共 2 道试题,共 30 分。)V 1.  
    There is no doubt that man is a member of the animal kingdom. Anyone who has thought about this fact seriously must have wondered how it has come aboutthat man has achieved a position so supreme(最高的) among the myriad(无数的) kinds of animal life. Two characteristics of man, in comparison with all other animals, that stand out above all others are the creation and use of tools and the development and use of language. Since no other animals have achieved these abilities, it must be assumed that man’s evolutionary development led to his capacity to create and use tools and to devise and use language.
    Once these abilities and practices evolved, they probably became driving forces in the further evolution of man. Those members of the species who become most proficient(精通的) in the fabrication of tools and in the command of language and thought would tend to survive and maintain their kind for good, at the expense of those of lesser ability.
1). Which of the following statements best expresses the main idea of the passage?
A. Tools and language are either the effects or the causes of human evolution.
B. No other animals have achieved human abilities.
C. Among the animals, only man is able to use tools and language.
D. Man owns his capacity to making use of tools and language.
      满分:3  分
2). “Animal kingdom” in the passage refers to _______________.
A. the place where all animals live
B. the animal society
C. all kinds of animals, including man
D. the forest with animals
      满分:3  分
3). One important condition for man’s evolution is __________________ .
A. the animal kingdom
B. a supreme position
C. the myriad kinds
D. his natural capacity
      满分:3  分
4). The phrase “come about” in the passage is likely to mean ________.
A. happened
B. appeared
C. arrived
D. succeeded
      满分:3  分
5). The last sentence suggests that ________________________ .
A. those of lesser ability would be very expensive
B. in order to survive, man has to sacrifice some other animals
C. those who become proficient in making tools can speak well
D. language and thought could be acquired by man
      满分:3  分
    Betty and Harold have been married for years. But one thing still puzzles old Harold. How is it that he can leave Betty and her friend Joan sitting on the sofa, talking, go out to a ballgame, come back three and a half hours later, and they’re still sitting on the sofa, talking?
    What in the world, Harold wonders, do they have to talk about?
    Betty shrugs. Talk? We’re friends.
    Researching this matter called friendship, psychologist Lillian Rubin spent two years interviewing more than two hundred women and men. No matter what their age, their job, their sex, the results were completely clear. Women have more friendships than men, and the difference in the content and the quality of those friendships is “marked and unmistakable”.
    More than two-thirds of the single men Rubin interviewed could not name a best friend. Those who could were likely to name a woman. Yet three-quarters of the single women had no problem naming a best friend, and almost always it was a woman. More married men than women named their wife/husband as a best friend, most trusted person, or the one they would turn to in time of emotional distress(情感危机). “Most women,” says Rubin, “identified at least one, usually more, trusted friends to whom they could turn in a troubled moment, and they spoke openly about the importance of these relationships in their lives”.
“In general,” writes Rubin in her new book, “women’s friendships with each other rest on shared emotions and support, but men’s relationships are marked by shared activities.” For the most part, Rubin says , interactions (交往) between men are emotionally controlled—a good fit with the social requirements of “manly behavior”.
“Even when a man is said to be a best friend,” Rubin writes, “the two share little about their innermost feelings. Whereas a woman’s closest female friend might be the first to tell her to leave a failing marriage, it wasn’t unusual to hear a man say he didn’t know his friend’s marriage was in serious trouble until he appeared one night asking if he could sleep on the sofa.”
1). What old Harold cannot understand or explain is the fact that ____________________ .
A. he is treated as an outsider rather than a husband
B. women have so much to share
C. women show little interest in ballgames
D. his wife is difficult to talk to
      满分:3  分
2). Rubin’s study shows that for emotional support a married woman is more likely to turn to ____________________ .
A. a male friend
B. a female friend
C. her parents
D. her husband
      满分:3  分
3). According to the text, which type of behavior is NOT expected of a man by society?
A. Ending his marriage without good reason.
B. Spending too much time with his friends.
C. Complaining about his marriage trouble.
D. Going out to ballgames too often.
      满分:3  分
4). Which of the following statements is best supported by the last paragraph?
A. Men keep their innermost feeling to themselves.
B. Women are more serious than men about marriage.
C. Men often take sudden action to end their marriage.
D. Women depend on others in making decisions.
      满分:3  分
5). The research done by psychologist Rubin centers on ______________________ .
A. happy and successful marriage
B. friendships of men and women
C. emotional problems in marriage
D. interactions between men and women
      满分:3  分

三、完型填空(共 1 道试题,共 10 分。)V 1.  
    When I was about twelve, I suddenly developed a great passion for writing poetry. I  1  all my other hobbies, such as collecting stamps, and spent all my spare time reading poetry and writing it. This habit of writing poetry  2  every possible occasion soon got me into trouble at school.  3  a lesson did not interest me, I would take out my notebook and start writing poems in class. Of course I did this very cautiously, but it was not long  4  I got caught. One day while I was busy writing a poem during a geography lesson, I looked up to find the teacher standing over me, fuming with anger  5  I was not paying attention. He tore the poem up, with a warning  6  time in his class. All the same I was convinced that I had written a good poem, so that evening I wrote it out again  7  memory. Not long  8 , I read about a poetry contest and I decided to send in my poem. Weeks later, long after I had given up hope, I got a letter  9  me I had won the first prize. Everyone at school was very impressed --- except the geography teacher, who watched me more carefully than ever. He was quite  10  that I was not going to write poetry in his lesson!
A. gave up
B. developed
C. followed
D. forgot
      满分:1  分
A. at
B. on
C. in
D. with
      满分:1  分
A. Unless
B. Since
C. If
D. Given
      满分:1  分
A. after
B. ago
C. when
D. before
      满分:1  分
A. as
B. because
C. therefore
D. but
      满分:1  分
A. not to waste
B. not wasting
C. not waste
D. is not wasting
      满分:1  分
A. with
B. at
C. from
D. on
      满分:1  分
A. before
B. after
C. ago
D. since
      满分:1  分
A. inform
B. informed
C. informs
D. informing
      满分:1  分
A. determined
B. expected
C. impressed
D. worried
      满分:1  分

四、其他题(共 2 道试题,共 30 分。)V 1.  
1. We were very excited because our class won the first at last.
2. I had to get a new passport since my old one had expired.
3.   There were so many students in the class that the teacher couldn’t talk to them all.

      满分:15  分
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